GIO-Global Infrastructure Organizer

Any modern Data Center is certainly one of the most complex infrastructure in the world. The physical and logical layers of such vast infrastructure is the central nerves system for the today’s converged communication platform. It does not get any easier, when it comes to the management of such a multifarious and intricate system. A centralized monitoring, management, Intelligent capacity planning, and capability measurement of network infrastructure is a cumbersome process.

GIO-Global Infrastructure Organizer (GIO) 5.0 for Data center & Network Management is a comprehensive software application in the industry for managing large, mid size and small data centers and networks. The features of the system is specifically targeted to reduce the cost of the operations without affecting the quality of the delivery by maximizing the utilization & efficiency of the current investment. The solutions offers several very important features, that collectively achieves the cost saving, improved time to market along with outstanding Quality of Service.

GIO-Global Infrastructure Organizer (GIO) 5.0, comprises of several application building blocks such as Collecting Data, Data Management, Open Interfaces to Integrate with existing applications, Decision Support System Dashboards, Reports, KPIs & Analytics, Predictive Analysis, 360° Advanced Data Visualization, Mobile Interfaces, Features to power-up the OSS (Operation Support Systems) and BSS (Business Support Systems), Infrastructure Configuration and Process Automation, Advanced Devices, connections and key data point Search tools and much more.

GIO-Global Infrastructure Organizer (GIO) 5.0 Given the current exponential growth and availability of data, both structured And unstructured, GIO-Global Infrastructure Organizer also features Big-data solutions, over the Cloud infrastructure.

GIO-Global Infrastructure Organizer (GIO) 5.0 Infrastructure Audit process, is a complete Data center Asset tracking, Scanning and Management system. Adronics – GIO-Audit asset tracking system simplifies the asset recording by location, status & condition of the assets and also ensures timely availability of these information when and where needed.

Adronics Inc, as a thought leader stays on top of this industry, through the Innovative applications like GIO-Net and by leveraging the emerging technologies, R&D, Innovation and Commitment to the Customers.