Big-Data to Business-Data

Enterprises are receiving information in enormous volume with the high frequency. This is largely due to the increasing number of people, gadgets, and business over the internet. The Internet reached 33% of the world population and the internet gadgets reached 15 billion and growing very fast in numbers.

The new method of capturing, managing and analyzing this flood of information, enterprises investing in Big-Data solutions center on software capabilities such as:

  • •  Apache hadoop framework
  • •  No SQL data management systems, or
  • •  Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) data base analytics engines

AI solution in Big-Data:

Adronics Big-Data experience and expertise helping organizations to seamlessly transform the voluminous data to Big-Data technology solutions and realize higher Return on Investments ROI.

Adronics has engaged and developed 1000s of hours of data management efforts for the leading fortune 500 companies and made significant difference in their business decision. Our effective way of involving technology helped organizations to realize the results faster and cost effective.

Adronics strong business process and technology advancement efficiency made us to stand out in the market.

Adronics domain experience in various markets such as Telco, Retail, Insurance, finance, Supply chain, and more, help us to understand our customers needs and deliver the result on time and above their expectations.

Benefits of  Big-Data:

  • More accurate data
  • Improved business decisions
  • Improved marketing strategy and targeting
  • Increased revenue due to increased customer and base and decreased costs
  • Understanding real-time monitoring and forecasting of events that impact either business performance or operation
  • Ability to find, acquire, extract, manipulate, analyze, connect and visualize data with the tools of choice
  • Mitigating risk by optimizing the complex decisions of unplanned events more rapidly

Benefits of Engaging Adronics:

  • •  Our expertise in handing Big-data solutions
  • •  Adronics influential partnership with industry leaders
  • •  Our experience in building effective performance systems
  • •  Our domain knowledge in multiple verticals
  • •  Faster and quality delivery
  • •  Cost effective solutions
  • •  Engaging latest open source technology at the right degree to deliver the needs