Smart Board

The business world moves so fast where it becomes critical to capture key data points, facts and trends to be successful in your business rather than just survive.  While the data come from different directions, it is a challenge to look for the right information, and gets even more complex when it comes to presenting it visually, securely to take timely and right decision

There are tons of tools and technologies out there which could be instrumental to help you. But how are we planning on choosing one to be successful?  Well, you are not alone out there wondering so.

Most of the products, toolkits, frameworks, technologies available today in this space are typically way too complex to an extent where it is over engineered to address a wider market, has features you would never use, visually very dull, needs very long development time by expensive subject matter experts to build a solution out of it, complex licensing models, and most of all very expensive.  It gets so expensive where it challenges the business sense from the cost vs. benefit perspective.

SmartBoard fills up all these gaps and comes out as a clear choice if you are looking for a simpler, light weight yet very powerful solution with the combination of technology, visual effects, advanced data visualization and much more.
SmartBoard comes in the form of a SmartBoard BI Product, SmartBoard BI/Custom Solution Toolkit.

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