Process in Adronics

Adronics Staffing process is simple, straight forward, and effective.

  • Each customer get a single point of contact
  • Adronics dedicated sales person work with the customer and understands his requirements, office culture, and his team
  • Collected requirements will be submitted to Adronics recruitment team to find the matching candidates from Adronics Resource Pool
  • Initial personal and technical screening will be done at Adronics
  • Identified qualified candidates will be submitted to the customer/hiring manager
  • Once the candidate passes through the selection from the customer, contract will be executed with the customer
  • Adronics Human Resource will process the paper work and get the candidate started at the client engagement.

Candidate Retention:

As a dedicated IT staffing company, we always look forward to have a long term strong relationship with our customer. Our business doesn't ends with just placement of candidates. Through our retention processes our sales and recruitment management team follows up with our client and candidate on the Quality of Services received and Job Satisfaction respectively on a regular basis.

  • Adronics, Point of contact will be working with the hiring manager's closely by scheduling periodic meeting to identify the candidate's performance and work progress and the Quality of experiences & services.
  • Adronics reviews the Key Performance Index (KPI) for both the client & candidate.
  • Our retention processes also uses the KPI numbers to improvise the quality of services rendered.
  • Adronics conducts Webinars and Seminars for our customers to bring the latest technology and practices from the IT Industry.

Candidate Retention:

Adronics HR and personal development management team will be working closely with candidates representing us in our client locations to ensure their performance meets and surpasses the client's requirements and expectations.

  • Adronics account managers schedules periodical meetings with the consultants to ensure the consultant's job satisfaction & productivity. Any concerns, gaps whatsoever is addressed without any delay to which helps to boost morale of the consultants & employees.
  • Overall KPI review sessions are held to evaluate the performance of the consultants.
  • Adronics conduct Webinars, Seminars, and Skill development trainings to our consultants in periodic basis to keep our consultants up to date with the latest and greatest technologies for service quality and marketability.