Share Point

For most organizations, SharePoint's value proposition cannot be fully understood until the product is in place and delivering value to the business. It's the classic "chicken and egg" situation: How do you prove the value until you recognize the value?

The approach taken by many IT organizations curious or even bullish about the value of the product, but unwilling or unable to make a definitive case for strategic deployment of the platform, is to start with an implementation of SharePoint in a pilot or 'sandbox' environment. By the time these organic implementations have proven their value to the business - as they almost always do - IT finds itself with a SharePoint deployment unsuited for rapid adoption and growth.

AI specializes in the design, implementation, and support of Microsoft SharePoint Services to solve the needs of both small and large organizations. Our expertise result in improving employee productivity by automating, simplifying and monitoring everyday business activities, also allow employees to manage and share information, leverage business processes, gain organizational insight, and benefit from Office integrated applications.

In the modern business world, Business Intelligence just in the hands of a few key decision makers within organizations is an obstacle for business growth. AI has the expertise to leverage the addition of Performance Point to the SharePoint Enterprise version, to allow the Enterprises to take business intelligence out of the hands of the few and into the hands of many for fast, accurate and well informed business decisions. This is essential to gain competitive advantages in the fast changing market condition.

Our SharePoint Services capabilities include Portal/Web Application, InfoPath Forms based applications, Workflow automation, Custom Solutions, Enterprise Content/Document management etc.

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