Outsourcing Services

Adronics has proven track records and capabilities to take up client's projects / Statement of Work and deliver them on time through different models such as onsite / offsite / near-shore / offshore or through the combination of different such models.

The proficiency area of development includes but not limited to...

  • Application Development & Testing
  • Database Design and Architecture
  • Data Warehouse Design and Implementation
  • Big Data
  • Business Process and Modeling
  • Business Intelligence Implementation
  • System Integration
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Cloud Computing
  • Asset Tag

If you're a client company looking at rolling out a new technology or upgrading your current systems; please contact Adronics Technical Solutions Team and reduce your overall cost and risk. Our managed services team can help in the process of breaking your overall goal into smaller targets/projects, create a business plan and implement the project to achieve the goal as budgeted.

Additionally, cost overruns associated with projects that are not being closely managed can be staggering. Excess costs frequently occur when a client is tasked with overseeing a new project in addition to managing their existing daily workload. By partnering with Adronics Technical Solutions Team on your next project you'll alleviate this concern and guarantee your project is successfully completed on time and within budget.