Why Adronics

Adronics has dedicated recruitment team that works for your IT resource, with in your budget, and committed to your needs. Since here at Adronics we only specialize with the IT industry. We have over several thousands of diverse quality IT professionals in our database. Adronics can meet your business needs lot quicker than our other competitors. Adronics offers flexible business models, cost effective but very high standards of Quality of Service and Quality of Experience.

Our recruiters at Adronics process candidates personally by meeting with the candidates before we send them to our clients.

So, why Adronics.

  • We are laser focused to IT staffing specialization, results to more quality output.
  • We have several thousands of resumes with verity of skills starting from Programmer to IT management and Executive office in our Database. Adronics never stops searching for skilled candidates from the industry through all possible means. The dedicated IT source pool database helps to fulfill client's requirements quickly. Our turnaround time will be faster.
  • Our Client and Consultant retention process is pretty strong. We continue to monitor the placement fulfilled with our customers and we measure the success with our Customer KPI and Candidate KPI. Our quality process ensures our client requirement is met and our consultants get what they want and are happy. This builds and strong bonding between the Customer and the Candidate.
  • Adronics recruitment team understands your business needs and the urgency to find your IT resource. Our recruitment team spends time to do initial resume screening for your requirement, match the right profile, do the initial technical interview and do background checking before that hits your desk. This reduces lots of project time spend on identifying your IT resources. Our recruitment process minimizes your IT resource search time and maximize your project turnaround time.
  • Our contract consultant staffing model minimizes your overall cost on the IT resource you hire from Adronics. There will not be any payroll, FICA, FUDA and SUTA taxes, workers compensation and liability Insurance, payroll and accounting fees, health care contributions and 401k matches, since it is all taken care by Adronics administration.
  • Our flexible, customizable different IT staffing business models will help you achieve your business goals. You can make use of any of the staffing package offered in Adronics like Contract Staffing, Contract to Permanent Placement, Direct Permanent Staffing, Executive Office Staffing, Outsourcing, and Outplacement to maximize your business. We are always flexible to customize a special model to fit your business needs.
  • Adronics accounting process is simple and efficient. We can work with our customers and provide the time sheets of all the contractors in single invoice according to our customers billing cycle needs. We can accommodate any special needs from customers on the invoice process. We can work with electronics method or if needed, we can work traditional paper copy model. All time sheets and billing hours will be signed by our contractors and the project authorized signatory for approval. Each timesheet will be validated before is sent out to our Customer account manager to avoid gaps and reworks.
  • In Adronics we care for our employees, we carefully understand their carrier goals and compensation expectations and place them in the right opportunity. All our employees get paid once in every two weeks. Candidates have the option to choose their way of contracts in W2 or 1099. Our full-time employees get the Health and Dental insurance and they will be eligible to get performance incentives based on performance of the individual and the company performances every year. Our competitive compensation package attracts candidate in the job market. We continuously work close with our candidates to improve their skills to meet the fast changing market to keep them competitive in the industry.
  • Adronics's transparency and dedication to customer makes us different from other staffing agency. Our focus to Customer and keeping our employees happy makes us competitive in the market. Adronic's simple well laid out business process is the secret of our success.

Our Dedication, Quality of delivery, Competitive cost, and flexible business models bring guaranteed satisfaction that you can experience when you start business with us.

Feel free to contact us any time at: careers@ai-us.com