Smart Search

SmartSearch is one of the several toolkit offered as a part of the SmartSystem bundle.  It gives clarity in the business facts and brings out the hidden market patterns by eliminating inherent complexity that remains in various critical business entities & relationships, with the help of the ‘LinkedData’ concept.  SmartSearch along with LinkedData helps identifying these Business Entities, resolving the relationship between the Entities to reduce conflicts to improve the performance and monitoring of the Business.  Critical Business Entities and Relationship could include person, organization, any material facts, things etc and the links that connect these entities together. 

This helps the organization to gain a lot of insight from the organization’s records and ties that into a SmartSearch datagrid visualization platform to improve the overall efficiency and ROI of the organization.

SmartGrid addresses both horizontal as well industry vertical solutions.  SmartSearch can support business success with Reading Hidden Patterns, enabling market forecasting wisdom,  data Facts and Dimension, Reports, Quick Search, Preview, Lookup, Data Filters, Data Sorting, Linked data analysis etc.

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