Smart Forms

Since, 1980 arose of ‘Data Management’ concept, the application and the technology changed a lot in managing data. The growing volume and the type of data collected and the velocity of usage of data today, adds tremendous amount of data management complexity to the companies.  The ever expanding compliance requirements & regulations, business rules, globalization, modern converged communications wonders adds more to the already demanding data management systems.  

So how are we addressing this space?  The answer for the growing complexity of the ‘data management’ is ‘SmartForms’.  SmartForm is a next generation data management system.  In our ongoing efforts to provide our customers with sophisticated toolkits to simplify the IT complexity, we have introduced this configuration based data management system.  Whereby, the customer does not have to write application silos to perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update & Delete data) operations, for each line of businesses.  The SmartForm is a configuration based system, where the customer shall define the data structure, integrity, validation schema, business rules etc.  Once the data schema is configured, the SmartForm takes the rest of the data entry & management from there.  The SmartForm is extremely simple and self intuitive. 

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